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Run next-generation software

Modern Estimating + Scheduling for the Stone + Tile Industry


Sales Pro is the Sales focused part of the QXM solution. The core solution provides the ability to track leads, create bids and bid versions, produce quotes, and convert quotes to contracts.  Every bid includes an auto-generated operating budget and recommended price from QXM’s advanced pricing engine.  SALES PRO provides clients with everything they need to sell.

Modern software designed for your business

QXMPRO is a modern, web-based estimating and scheduling solution that leverages advanced technology to predict cost, recommend price, and optimize completion of construction jobs.  Each prediction and recommendation is specific to your business.


Subscription Based

QXMPRO supports businesses of all sizes.  Your business can subscribe to the entire system or only parts of the solution that address specific challenges in your company.


Elevate your execution of business fundamentals

Implement QXMPRO to drive maximum financial performance

Modernize your tools

Maximize visibility + control

Measure + refine performance

Align your pricing strategies

Increase operational control


Schedule Pro is a module used to plan, schedule, and execute the completion of every project sold.  Work-orders for measure, fabrication, and installation are generated for each job.  Each work-order includes an auto-generated ‘Success Labor Budget’ to ensure maximum operational + financial performance.

QXMPRO scheduling solution provides advanced features that help optimize workflow, capacity planning, operational throughput and profit yield.


QXM Draw is an add-on to Sales Pro that allows clients to layout stone applications such as countertops quickly and include designs on a quote.  Every drawn shape is calculated by the QXM Pricing engine to produce a budget and optimal price.


Many construction businesses support more complex sales processes that allow homeowners to select from predefined option levels.  This can be a very challenging process to support and frequently requires many resources to process orders.  QXM worked very closely with specialty trades who support national homebuilders to optimize this process.  Order Pro ensures accurate orders, proper billing, and streamlined workflow + processing.

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