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About us

Construction Technology Leaders

Modern Estimating + Scheduling for the Stone + Tile Industry

The Company

QXM Solutions is a team of software experts who have invested years of research + engineering building an advanced, comprehensive construction management solution designed for specialty trade professionals.

Every construction project relies extensively on the expertise of skilled professionals who are masters of their craft.  We believe these professionals have been underserved in the front office selling and management functions of their businesses.  We help their businesses automate business processes to better compete and become more profitable.

Industry Professionals

Building advanced technology to solve real-world problems only works when working closely with industry leaders.  QXM has sought out the best performing companies in their field to deeply understand the their day-to-day challeneges.

Technology Experts

We are career technologist who have built advanced technology solutions for the largest industries in the world.  Our passion to solve problems drive us to build better products everyday.

Collective effort to advance the construction industry

Collective effort to advance the construction industry

Collective effort to advance the construction industry

We are very proud of our collective effort to build QXMPRO for the Construction industry.  The team has spent extensive time with construction companies learning, testing, refining and perfecting solutions.  The best products in the world have been built by technology experts who have combined efforts with industry leaders.

Innovation Spark

Can techology serve construction better?

Innovation can spark in some of the most unlikely ways and that’s what happened when the possibility of QXM Solutions was born.  Two random people sat together on a flight and told their respective stories that led to asking the question "Can the construction industry leverage advanced technologies to more accurately predict a winning and profitable job price?"

Leverage the power of technology

We believe QXMPRO should be a fundamental tool for all construction firms.  The solution empowers owners, automates costly processes, and transforms businesses seemlessly.  QXMPRO helps businesses maximize performance and simplify their daily lives.

Over the years, we have consistently invested in advanced equipment and technology to maximize our efficiency and accuracy.  Our investments have allowed us to produce high quality products for our clients while ensuring we keep pace with our steady growth.

Now,  we have found a similar way to advance the other parts of our business.  Implementing QXMPRO has given us the confidence that we've priced every job correctly and quickly.  It's the first solution we've seen that delivers a full view of our true sales pipeline while enabling us to quickly adapt to changing demands.

Dave Stockett

Owner of Stockett Tile + Granite

Aaron Martens


Architect of advanced software systems in Construction, Marketing, Media, and Financial industries.

More than 6 years ago I met the owners of a large, successful specialty construction firm.  They shared their day-to-day challenges with bidding complex jobs in tools like Excel.  It was quickly evident that my experience could help them improve their business by leveraging more advanced technology.


Since meeting the specialty construction firm, we've created QXM Solutions.  We built an amazing software solution that has grown in scope and addresses many of the complex challenges faced by the construction industry.  We have invested heavily by combining our technology expertise, construction knowledge and best practices from trade professionals throughout the industry.

I am extremely energized to work with businesses who are seeking a way to improve their financial performance by using the most advanced management software in the industry.


Contact us if you want to learn more.​


Aaron Martens 

Our Story

It's time for industry advancements

We are committed to providing construction professionals with advanced management software tools that maximize financial performance.

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