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How much does it cost?

QXM PRO is a monthly subscription service.  The price is based on the number of users, modules, and licensed services used.  We are happy to share more on a call.  QXM is all about driving maximum financial performance for your company.  This means that our cost is a fraction of the financial benefits generated by using the solution.

We are a smaller business.  Will we still benefit?

QXM PRO is designed to adapt to your business.  Small businesses have many of the same challenges as larger businesses.  You have the option to use only parts of the solution that are most valuable to you and our pricing is based on the number of people who use the system.


Do you integrate with our accounting system?

The short answer is that we can integrate to most modern accounting solutions.  Your accounting system must provide external APIs that our program will rely on to exchange data.  A bigger conversation will be required to determine what data you want automatically shared with accounting.  New account information, sales orders, change orders and inventory all have their own complexities.  We will help discuss the pros and cons for integrating each part of our sales process.

Can I change my pricing at any time?

QXM Pro is a pricing control system for your business.  It provides you maximum control and flexibility to ensure every bid is priced according to your defined pricing strategy.  You can update at any time.

Which pricing strategies do you support?

QXM PRO supports most methods to compute job price.  Let us know if you have questions about certain calculations and we will likely support it.  Even better, QXM PRO supports having multiple methods based on account type, channel, and estimator.  We will work with you to define these strategies and optimize pricing going forward.

Can I customize my dashboards?

Short answer is yes.  QXM PRO is highly configurable.  Your QXM Solutions support team can modify layout and charts at any time.  We will work with you to ensure each dashboard draws your attention to the most critical and actionable data.

Do I still need my CRM solution?

QXM PRO has extensive functionality to track your opportunities and measure your sales team KPIs.  We have worked hard to make it simple by allowing your sales team to stay focused on generating bids while automatically tracking the opportunity for them.  No more duplicate systems to manage their day.

You may still want the expanded features that other CRM Solutions provide such as detailed activity tracking, call logs, email tracking and automated email notifications.  In these cases, we are able to integrate with many common CRMs to support your existing process.

Can we customize our quote format?

QXM PRO provides maximum flexibility to control the look and feel of your client proposals.  We offer many templates to start with, but we can customize to closely match your preferred design.  QXM PRO has many advanced features built-in into the proposals that allow your estimators to dynamically modify based on the project, client, or sales channel.


Ready to Get Started

Deploying QXMPRO is the most impactful way to improve the financial
performance of your business.

Modernize your tools

Maximize visibility + control

Measure + refine performance

Align your pricing strategies

Increase operational control



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