Sales Management Solution for Slab Fabrication + Installation


Increase your profits, eliminate calculation errors and simplify your sales process with QXM Pro


How It Works

Quoting, Order Execution, and Sales Management 


Why Choose QXM


Simplify Quoting

QXM PRO makes quoting simple.  Managing bid versions and staying organized can be difficult without the proper tools.  


QXM PRO organizes every project for you.  Keeping track of versions, documents, scope changes and projected budgets is handled for you.  Click ‘Submit’ when you are ready and your client will receive your professionally formatted quote.


Optimize Pricing

QXM PRO forecasts the cost to perform every job in seconds by accounting for thousands of job factors that will increase or decrease your labor cost.  Accurately calculating cost supports the ability to target profit margins set for your sales channels and customer types.

QXM PRO pricing system supports a wide range of pricing strategies, but each job better be priced to secure a targeted profit goal, or the financial performance of your business is at risk.  QXM PRO protects your business by ensuring your approved pricing has been submitted with every quote while predicting your expected target profit margin.

Maximize Visibility + Control

Your business is booming.  Quotes are being generated every day and opportunities are being won and lost for various reasons.  How do you manage all this?  You need QXM PRO’s Sales management control. Every bid is visible to owners and sales leadership throughout the entire process.  

QXM PRO ensures the sales pipeline is being managed and critical data insights are surfaced in real-time.  No more managing from complicated spreadsheets.  Use QXM dashboards to make sure your pricing is good, sales pipeline is healthy, and customers are happy.


Over the years, we have consistently invested in advanced equipment and technology to maximize our efficiency and accuracy.  Our investments have allowed us to produce high quality products for our clients while ensuring we keep pace with our steady growth.

Now,  we have found a similar way to advance the other parts of our business.  Implementing QXM PRO has given us the confidence that we've priced every job correctly and quickly.  It's the first solution we've seen that delivers a full view of our true sales pipeline while enabling us to quickly adapt to changing demands.

Dave Stockett,

Owner of Stockett Tile + Granite


There have been many technology advancements in your industry that have increased your efficiency and overall profitability.  Your sales team can benefit from the same technology investments. 


Bidding from legacy software is inefficient and has risk.  Modern Sales Management Solutions prevent costly calculation errors and empowers management to make better pricing decisions.


Construction pricing can be misaligned with true costs.  Using a tool that calculates cost enables firms to more precisely define profitable prices for every job.


QXM Pro is a full featured, end-to-end, sales management solution that manages opportunities, bids, quotes, contracts, change orders, and work-orders. 


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