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for Slab Fabrication

QXM Pro simplifies your entire sales process and helps avoid costly pricing mistakes.

Manage your leads, opportunities, bids, quotes, contracts and change orders from a single web-based application.  The solution automates many of your time-consuming sales activities and generates management approved pricing in seconds.


QXM Pro will help you win more jobs by predicting the cost to complete each project.  Knowing the job cost in advance will ensure you win the jobs you want and avoid the rest. 

Bid Management

Easily organize your bids and quickly create multiple versions with a single click. Access all your bids from anywhere and have a real-time view of every job.

Simplified Change Orders

Track change orders and monitor profit forecasts in real-time.

Auto-Generated PDFs

Dynamically generated quotes produced directly from bid calculations. No more time wasted trying to format quotes.

Powerful Search

Stop losing time looking for the one bid you did years ago. Intelligent search can find those difficult-to-find bids.

Multiple Versions

Automatically organizes versions in response to client requests who want to see different options.

Calculated Slab Counts

Slab counts and yields are calculated. Single material view for entire bid encourages better buying decisions.

Faster + Quality-Driven

Material and Item catalogs, auto-calculated budgets, professional reporting, bid templates, and many other tools to go faster while still ensuring accuracy.

Automated Sales Tracking

Eliminate time-consuming sales tracking reports.  QXM auto-creates opportunities and forecasts revenue based on win probabilities.