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Sales Managment

QXM Pro simplifies your sales team's estimating tasks while providing management with maximum visibility and pricing control.

Eliminate the bottleneck for your sales team by providing them with an automating pricing solution.  Your team can confidently send out management approved pricing without waiting.  More importantly, the price is tailored to each job.  It’s not one size fits all.  You are selling custom work with variable labor.  Use QXM Pro to accurately define a price that achieves optimal profitability.

Manage your team more efficiently.  You no longer need to review every bid because QXM Pro provides complete transparency and visibility to all bid activity.

Deploying QXM Pro will provide you with the peace of mind that every project has the right budget and will drive maximum profitability.

Centralized & Searchable

All bids are centralized, searchable, and permission-based. Every quote generated is tracked and visible to management.

Managed Workflow

Every job is tracked from the initial lead to completed contract. Management has full financial view of every job in real-time.


Data is only valuable if it's accessible. QXM PRO provides many customized dashboards to help the team make key decisions.

Multiple Pricing Strategies

Pricing calculations based on various channels, project demands and account-specific strategies.

Predicted Profitability

Budgets are automatically generated to show expected profitability.

Advanced Security

Supports collaborative environments where multiple team members support a single job.

Job Pricing Control

Management-approved price set for every job.

No Price List Maintenance

Pricing calculated based on job factors such as material type, job site conditions, application, edges, and many more factors that change cost.